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Борис Михайлович Кустодиев (1878-1927) - Купчихи

Boris Kustodiev (1878-1927). Merchant's Wife. Executed in 1914-1915. - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев (1878-1927). Купчиха. Исполнено в 1914-1915 гг.

Boris Kustodiev (1878-1927) .Mashka - Kupetsky daughter. Costume design for the play "Flea" - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев (1878-1927). Машка - дочь купецкая. Эскиз костюма к спектаклю "Блоха" 
Russian shawls where designed to keep women warm and beautiful and are a part of traditional folk Russian costume. The shawls come in a variety of designs and colors, the most common patterns are floral and paisley. Orenburg Shawls are gaining popularity all over the world for the amazing variety of their shapes, designs, colors, and materials.

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